These web pages are for people working within the NHS, local government, and staff and volunteers working in the third sector.

The pages may help third sector staff and volunteers to support their communities to access accurate information about the COVID-19 vaccination programme.

These resources help the workforce to:

  • be fully informed about COVID-19 vaccination
  • support vaccine confidence and equity
  • be an aid to conversation about the vaccine

This information is updated regularly.

NHS inform provides information for the public on COVID-19 vaccinations (external website).

COVID-19 vaccine programme

COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory infection.

It can spread quickly and cause serious illness, hospitalisation and death. However, a significant proportion of infections are asymptomatic. 

COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for use by the Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

COVID-19 vaccines are free for everyone living in Scotland.

Learn more about eligible groups for the COVID-19 vaccine.

COVID-19 vaccination offers good protection within three to four weeks of the first dose.

Last updated: 09 December 2022