Reducing poverty and inequality and the effects of poverty and inequality on health is a shared ambition across local and national government in Scotland. Our work in this area will support the COSLA priority around Local Economies and Inclusive Growth and the purpose at the heart of the National Performance Framework: opportunities for all, improved wellbeing and sustainable and inclusive economic growth.

Our work will also support the Programme for Government commitment to assess how City Region Deals and Regional Growth Deals can strengthen our economy, make our society fairer and protect our environment.

This will include working with the Glasgow City Region to inform their economic strategy action plan by supporting them to understand the characteristics of the economically inactive population in the region.

There is a growing evidence base on the importance of the inclusive economic growth. However, there remains no consensus on how to practically deliver inclusive growth, what policies and practice needs to change and the scale of change needed.

We will help build consensus by scoping the development of a scenario modelling tool that will identify the likely impact of selected interventions on environmental, social and economic outcomes.

We will explore with both internal and external colleagues what is needed and what is feasible, specifically asking: who are the intended users, which outcomes should be modelled, which interventions should be modelled, what modelling has already been done, what are the gaps, and who is working on this now?

This approach will help ensure that the evidence we produce is relevant and impactful.

Specific examples of work planned in this area include:

  • Working with partners and stakeholders through our Healthy Working Lives programme to provide support to employers and employees in line with the Scottish Government’s Fair and Healthy Work for All review
  • Working with the Scottish Government, the Improvement Service, and four local authorities to complete the Citizens' Basic Income pilot
  • Working with stakeholders to develop and implement evidence-based actions to ensure that reserved and devolved social security policies and practices protect health and reduce health inequalities in Scotland
Last updated: 13 June 2022
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