As one of many people I know personally in Scotland who have not taken this so-called vaccine, I am rather annoyed that we the unvaxxed are not being credited with our wonderful contribution to the research programme, as according to your reports 100% of people in my age group of the over 60's have been jagged at least once.

This is simply untrue. I - and the two other people I live with - are alive and healthy, and bouncing with lovely antibodies, having had the bug very early on.

I am also rather miffed that the tables from the old reports have been withdrawn: it was giving me huge pleasure every week seeing just how utterly useless these experimental vaccines really were and sharing this helpful data with others, near and far, and it makes you look a bit pathetic that you stopped publishing them.

As a taxpayer, I fund your research, and as a former NHS strategic planning manager, I know how to interpret the data too.

Kindly reinstate the old tables.

Last updated: 13 June 2022