Public Health Scotland (PHS) has published 'Healthy Housing for Scotland', a briefing paper setting out evidence on how housing can influence health and wellbeing. 

The aim of the paper is to assist the Scottish Government with impact assessing intended policy developments related to its Housing to 2040 strategy. It is also a tool for housing colleagues - who will be developing and implementing policy and carrying out associated impact assessments - and to support public health colleagues who are working locally, regionally and nationally.

The paper gives an overview of available evidence which is relevant to the broad issues covered by Housing to 2040 and focuses on priorities such as:

  • affordability
  • accessibility
  • quality and conditions
  • low carbon, energy efficiency and climate resilience
  • marginalised communities
  • homelessness and health
  • mental health
  • place and communities.

Katrina Reid, Health Improvement Manager, Health and Housing, PHS said:

"In order to improve physical health and mental wellbeing and tackle health inequalities in communities across Scotland, we need to ensure everyone has access to a warm, dry, safe, affordable home that meets their needs.

"Housing can influence health directly through condition, security of tenure, overcrowding and suitability for inhabitants’ needs. Wider aspects of housing that influence health indirectly include affordability and poverty, housing satisfaction, choice and control, social isolation, access to key services such as health care, and environmental sustainability.

The publication of ‘Housing to 2040’ is therefore a significant development and we have produced our paper to support consideration of the links between housing and health in its implementation. We know that adequate housing which is safe, accessible and high quality is key to achieving the highest attainable standard of health. We can’t have one without the other".

View the Healthy Housing for Scotland paper

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Last updated: 06 October 2022