Stopping smoking increases your chances of living a longer and healthier life, and Quit Your Way Scotland increases your chances of stopping smoking and staying stopped.

That’s the message from Public Health Scotland (PHS) this No Smoking Day (13 March) to anyone in Scotland who wants to give up smoking, even if you have tried to quit before.

It comes during a refreshed marketing campaign to inform people about the free NHS stop-smoking service and the different ways people can access support. The national campaign targets adults across Scotland aged 35 to 64 who smoke – which is around 730,000 people or 11% of Scotland’s total population – with radio and digital advertising, along with posters in healthcare and community settings.  

It aims to encourage greater use of Quit Your Way to help ensure that smoking rates continue to go down.

Dr Garth Reid, Consultant in Public Health at PHS, said:

“Smoking remains one of the biggest causes of ill health and premature death in Scotland, and it results in more than 8,000 deaths every year.

“People who smoke are likely to experience a range of health conditions associated with smoking, including poorer mental health. These risks substantially fall with stopping smoking, and the health benefits start to happen quickly – even for people who have smoked for a long time.

“Quit Your Way can help anyone trying to stop smoking in Scotland, whenever they are ready – it’s always a good time to quit.”

The public awareness campaign was developed through engagement with NHS 24 and health boards in Scotland to refocus attention on the harms of smoking and the national and local support available to help people with quit attempts.

Public Health Minister, Jenni Minto, said:

 “Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health and this is why this campaign is so important.

"Even if you have tried to quit before, I would encourage anyone who smokes tobacco to contact the free NHS Quit Your Way stop-smoking service which offers personalised advice by phone and webchat. The trained advisers can also refer you to free local NHS services which are ready to help you stop smoking in a way that is right for you.”

Find out more about the campaign by watching this short video with Dr Garth Reid.



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You can access Quit Your Way Scotland at 

Last updated: 13 March 2024