Our partnership

Macmillan Cancer Support and Public Health Scotland (previously ISD Scotland) have been in partnership since 2015.

Following a pause in the collaboration due to COVID-19, this work resumed in April 2022.

We are working together to use data to improve the understanding of the impacts of cancer and its treatment on the cancer population.

What we are doing

This latest collaboration will deliver insight into the unique characteristics and changes within cancer data in Scotland. It will look at the opportunities these provide for analysis.

It will also contribute to the understanding of the needs and outcomes of the cancer population in Scotland.

It will add richness and contextual information to the Scottish health data landscape.

The main new focuses of the next phase of the partnership include the:

  • emotional and mental health needs of people diagnosed with cancer
  • impact of COVID-19 on people diagnosed, living with and dying from cancer
  • diversity of the cancer population

What we have published

Scottish Routes from Diagnosis (SRfD)

In February 2020, Macmillan Cancer Support and ISD Scotland (now Public Health Scotland) published the first results of Scottish Routes from Diagnosis.

This involved linking and analysing data on over 31,000 people in Scotland diagnosed in 2007 and in 2012 with:

  • breast cancer
  • colorectal cancer
  • lung cancer
  • prostate cancer

From this, we developed a survivorship outcome framework which:

  • maps patient pathway experiences
  • describes survivorship morbidity and health outcomes
  • identifies how patient characteristics influence the diversity of outcomes within and between cancer sites

In December 2022, we published further reports and related summaries in relation to the original cohorts of people diagnosed with breast, colorectal, lung or prostate cancer.  

These look in detail at:

  • cancer and comorbidities
  • multiple cancers and metastatic disease
  • mortality and end of life care

Academic research posters

We have produced a number of posters in collaboration with Macmillan Cancer Support.

These posters are intended to highlight and promote some of the key work of our partnership over time.

Work was paused due to COVID-19 and resumed with new focuses in April 2022.

Final work around Scottish Routes from Diagnosis is due to be published later in 2022. 

Output related to the new objectives will follow on from this.


You can find out more information on the collaboration, including work produced as a result of this partnership, on the Macmillan website.

If you want to know more about the work plan or are working in a related area and would like to share your insights, contact us at phs.macmillan@phs.scot or HealthData@macmillan.org.uk 

Last updated: 07 December 2022
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