Consent for school immunisations

All primary schools in Scotland receive pre-printed consent packs that are ready to distribute.

Each consent pack contains a:

  • named invitation letter
  • consent form
  • leaflet with relevant information about the flu vaccine for parents and carers

Blank consent packs are provided for use if a personalised form for a pupil is missing.

Parents and carers are asked to provide consent for their child to receive the school flu vaccine. 

What to do with the consent packs

It is important that parents and carers receive and return the consent packs as soon as possible. They should sign and return the consent form to school even if their child is not going to have the vaccine.

You can remind parents and carers through school communications to return their completed consent form.

Your local NHS health board will arrange a date with you to collect the returned parental consent forms from your school.

Advise parents or carers to contact their local NHS board if they:

  • lose their consent pack and need a new one
  • change their mind about consent and want to withdraw consent in writing

Consent form guidance

If a parent or carer is struggling to fill in the consent form, you might want to consider offering drop-in sessions to help.

A consent form guidance document is available for parents and carers. This explains how to fill in the consent form.

View the consent form guidance document in our flu education pack.

Alternative formats

Resources can also be requested in alternative formats and other languages.

If you need publications or documents in other formats, please email

You can find leaflets for schools in other languages on NHS inform (external website).


Last updated: 22 December 2021