How we work

Everything we do, we do with others.

Our values say how we want to be with our partners and our staff. 

We work with others to create a Scotland where everybody thrives. 

We’ve worked closely with local authorities to:

  • help them identify and link data on child poverty
  • enhance their understanding of communities
  • shape priorities

We are always looking for new ways of working more flexibly and effectively. 

We have taken our health and social care data and created a 'whole system model'. 

This helps service planners identify issues in patient flow and capacity before they happen. 

We are people-centred and outcomes-focused.

We are continually seeking to improve. 

With our partners in NHS24, our work informing the public about COVID-19 vaccines was shortlisted for the Holyrood Digital Health and Social Care Awards. 

View NHS inform (external website).

We value the contributions and perspectives of others, including: 

  • people with lived experience 
  • professionals 
  • organisations 

We co-produced our drugs death early warning system with substance users.

This may help the system better identify risks of drug-related deaths. 


  • seek to deliver what we promise
  • are a trusted voice

A recent survey found that 80% of people in Scotland have heard of us, and of them, 84% trust us. 

Last updated: 31 October 2022