What we do

As Scotland’s national public health body, we lead and support work across Scotland to prevent disease, prolong healthy life and promote health and wellbeing

In Public Health Scotland, we help create a Scotland where everybody thrives by preventing people from getting diseases.

In 2021/22, we led the Scotland-wide effort to make sure the COP26 climate conference was conducted safely.

Our work on COVID-19 vaccinations with partners saw millions of people receive vaccines, saving tens of thousands of lives.

Our COVID-19 data let people see the progress of the pandemic in their neighbourhood.

Timely access to quality health and social care services is an essential building block of a healthy Scotland.

In some healthcare services, COVID- 9 has caused waiting times for services to increase.

We are helping service planners with modelling to let them predict capacity issues before they happen.

Too many people die of drugs-related deaths in Scotland.

Our early warning system will allow local areas to spot risks to substance users and address them to save lives.

The building blocks of good health also include good work at fair pay, quality housing and education, and access to greenspace. 

We worked to create healthy neighbourhoods by influencing Scotland’s forthcoming new national planning guidance.

We put staff in Glasgow City Region to secure £347,000 of investment to guide their investments for health. 

We sought to reduce the number of children in poverty and its impact by working closely with local authorities.

Together, we helped build an enhanced picture of child poverty in their areas. 

Last updated: 31 October 2022