Who we are

Public Health Scotland is an NHS Board.

We are uniquely sponsored by the Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) on behalf of local government.

Since 1 April 2020, Public Health Scotland has been:

  • leading and supporting Scotland to respond to its health challenges
  • making a difference to the lives of people in our communities

We have a Scotland wide remit and work closely with local organisations.

We have already:

  • secured a national strategic partnership with Police Scotland
  • influenced the regional NHS health board planning process
  • developed local community planning links

We are focussed on:

  • improving life expectancy
  • reducing health inequalities

We have aligned our three-year plan against outcome indicators in the National Performance Framework.

We are collaborating to address national outcomes on child poverty and drugs deaths.

We bring together and share data and intelligence to shape decisions affecting health.

Our COVID-19 data has reached millions across Scotland and been reported thousands of times in the media.

Our intelligence and analysis shaped Scotland's response to the disease.

We share learning from what we know works to make the biggest impact on health.

Our research and evidence continues to inform policy.

Our COVID-19 research has been reported globally and our evaluation of the minimum unit pricing of alcohol will inform the Scottish Parliament's next steps.

We provide reliable, valuable statistics on health and healthcare in Scotland.

We've continued to be known and trusted by regulators and people across Scotland.

The UK Statistical Regulator said our data adds value.

Last updated: 01 May 2023