About this dashboard

This dashboard allows exploration of the annual cancer incidence data published in May 2021. It presents five views each asking different questions of the data file. You can use the various buttons to interact with the data.

Questions answered within the 'story'

  1. What were the most common cancers in by sex, health board/cancer network and year?
  2. How do cancer age-adjusted incidence rates vary by cancer type, sex and health board/cancer network?
  3. How do the age-adjusted incidence rates for cancers (with 95% confidence intervals) vary for different health board/cancer network, sexes and years?
  4. How does the number of new cancer cases vary by cancer type, health board/cancer network, sex, age-group and year?
  5. How do the incidence rates for different cancers vary by health board/cancer network, sex and year?


Last updated: 20 November 2023
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