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This weekly release by Public Health Scotland presents data on COVID-19 across NHSScotland.

Main points

  • Between 28 May to 30 August 2020, 2,961 individuals were recorded in the contact tracing software, from which 13,343 contacts have been traced.
  • As at 30 August 2020, there have been 20,478 confirmed COVID-19 cases, equating to 375 confirmed cases per 100,000 population.
  • As at 30 August 2020, 544,807 people in Scotland have tested negative.
  • In the week ending 30th August 2020, there were 37 people aged 2-17 years in Scotland who tested positive for COVID-19, of 29,447 who were tested. By age group, positive cases represented 1 in 1,000 (0.1%) of children aged 2-4 years tested for COVID-19, 1 in 2,500 (0.04%) of those aged 5-11 years who were tested, and 3 in 1,000 (0.3%) of those aged 12-17 years tested.
  • Between 1 March 2020 and 26 August 2020, there had been 5,985 admissions to hospital with a laboratory confirmed test of COVID-19, and 19 in the most recent week.
  • As at 30 August 2020, 537 confirmed COVID-19 patients have been treated in an Intensive Care Unit. In the last week there were 3 patients who have ever been confirmed COVID-19 that were admitted to ICU.
  • There were 213,901 people who arrived in Scotland from outside the UK from 22 June to 30 August, of which 58,827 were required to quarantine and 4,868 were contacted by the National Contact Tracing Centre.
  • There has been a rise in the number of calls to the coronavirus helpline over the last two weeks, with a peak of 7,827 calls on 24 August. This increase is largely due to people requesting booking assistance to get a COVID-19 test and schools returning and increasing demand both with the helpline and at testing centres.

Wider impact detailed analysis

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have a wider impact on health and care as a result of the lockdown, economic pressures and changes to health services.

A range of analyses on the impact of COVID-19 across aspects of NHS Scotland is available on the interactive information tool (external website).


On 1 March 2020, the first person in Scotland was tested positive for COVID-19. On the 17 March NHS Scotland was placed in an emergency footing by the Cabinet Secretary. Schools closed on 20 March and the country went into lockdown on 23 March. Scotland entered phase one of easing out of lockdown on 29 May, phase two on 19 June and phase three on 10 July. Schools started to re-open from 11 August.

Since the start of the outbreak, Public Health Scotland (PHS) has been working closely with the Scottish Government and health and care colleagues to support the surveillance and monitoring of COVID-19 amongst the population. There is a large amount of data being regularly published regarding COVID-19. For example, Coronavirus in Scotland – Scottish Government (external website) and Deaths involving coronavirus in Scotland – National Records of Scotland (external website). This report complements the range of existing data currently available.

Find out more

Open data

View open data for COVID-19 on the Scottish Health and Social Care Open data platform (external website) for:

  • weekly COVID-19 statistical data in Scotland
  • COVID-19 vaccination in Scotland
  • Daily COVID-19 dashboard
  • Enhanced surveillance of COVID-19 in Scotland
  • Hospital onset COVID-19 cases in Scotland

COVID-19 daily dashboard

Access the COVID-19 daily dashboard for the following information:

  • daily COVID-19 positive cases and deaths by health board and local
  • daily hospital admissions and ICU admissions at Scotland level
  • data on vaccinations from 26 February 2021

Further data

There is a large amount of data being regularly published regarding COVID-19 – for example, Coronavirus in Scotland on the Scottish Government website (external website) and deaths involving coronavirus in Scotland on the National Records of Scotland (external website). 


View information about the  COVID-19 Infection Survey (external website) – this represents the single biggest expansion to date of asymptomatic testing for surveillance purposes in the pandemic and is being conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) and the University of Oxford, on behalf of the UK and The Scottish Government. 


The 10 June 2020 COVID-19 statistical report contains information relating to shielding patients.

Ethnicity data

The 3 March 2021 COVID-19 statistical report contains information relating to ethnicity of COVID-19 positives.

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Last updated: 28 June 2021
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