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This weekly release by Public Health Scotland presents data on COVID-19 across NHSScotland.

REVISION 18 February 2022: The 'COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalisations, and Deaths by Vaccine Status' sections were revised (page 34). Due to an analytic error, the previous five weeks of case numbers and age-standardised case rates have included PCR-confirmed cases for ages 15 years old and over, rather than the intended 10 years old and over.  This has decreased the unvaccinated case numbers substantially. Table 14 and Figure 16 in the 'COVID-19 Cases, Hospitalisations, and Deaths by Vaccine Status' section contains the correct numbers.

Appendix 6: Data Sources and Limitations revised (page 66): COVID vaccination definition for Dose 2 revised to include "and have either not had a booster or third dose of COVID-19 vaccine or is less than or equal to 14 days after their booster or third dose of COVID-19 vaccine."

Main points

  • In the week ending 23 January 2022, there were 50,775 confirmed COVID-19 cases by PCR (polymerase chain reaction) or LFD (lateral flow device), a decrease of 26.4% from the previous week
  • There has been a 1.5% decrease in the number of Lateral Flow Device (LFD) asymptomatic tests carried out in the last week. There have been 20,896,362 LFD tests carried out in Scotland since 19 November 2020, of which 262,002 were positive (1.3%)
  • In the last week from 15 January to 21 January 2022, in an age-standardised population, the rate of acute COVID-19 related hospital admissions in individuals that received a booster or third dose of a COVID-19 vaccine was between 3.0 to 4.4 times lower than in individuals who are unvaccinated or have only received one or two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine
  • In the week ending 16 January 2022, 47,500 individuals were recorded in the contact tracing software, from which 49,013 unique contacts have been traced
  • In the week ending 18 January 2022, there were 815 admissions to hospital with a laboratory confirmed test of COVID-19, a decrease of 25% from the previous week. The highest number of new admissions are now in those aged 80+
  • The proportion of all people who were admitted to hospital within 14 days of a laboratory confirmed COVID-19 positive test has declined, from 12% in the week ending 31 January 2021, to 1% in the most recent week ending 09 January 2022
  • In the week ending 23 January 2022 there were 22 new admissions to Intensive Care Units (ICUs) with a laboratory confirmed test of COVID-19. This is a decrease of 56.4% from the week ending 16 January 2022
  • By the 11th January 2022, 74% of those in prison on that day had been vaccinated with a first dose, compared to 72% among general population matched controls. By the same date, 63% of those in prison had received a second dose, compared to 66% among general population matched controls. Third dose/booster uptake was 31% for the prison population compared to 38% in the matched controls

Additional charts and data are available to view in the interactive dashboard accompanying this report.

Wider impact detailed analysis

The response to the COVID-19 pandemic is likely to have a wider impact on health and care as a result of the lockdown, economic pressures and changes to health services.

A range of analyses on the impact of COVID-19 across aspects of NHS Scotland is available on the interactive information tool.


Since the start of the outbreak, Public Health Scotland (PHS) has been working closely with the Scottish Government and health and care colleagues to support the surveillance and monitoring of COVID-19 amongst the population. There is a large amount of data being regularly published regarding COVID-19 (for example, Coronavirus in Scotland – Scottish Government and Deaths involving coronavirus in Scotland – National Records of Scotland). This report complements the range of existing data currently available.

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The next release of this publication will be 2 February 2022.

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You can also view the open data for the Flu and COVID Winter 2022 Vaccination Programme Uptake

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