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  • NHS Performs - Weekly Update of Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Time Statistics

    • 25 January 2022

    This release of NHS Performs includes official statistics collected by PHS on attendances at Emergency Departments (EDs) across Scotland. The information presented in this release includes the number of attendances and 4, 8 and 12 hour waits at EDs.

  • Prescribing Statistics - National Therapeutic Indicators Data Visualisation

    • 25 January 2022

    Data Visualisation of 2020/21 National Therapeutic Indicators, which contains Health Board and GP Practice information. The indicator data are updated quarterly.

  • Dental Statistics - Registration and Participation

    • 25 January 2022

    This release provides information on NHS General Dental Services (GDS) registrations as at 30th September 2021 and on the participation (contact with a�NHS dentist) of these registered patients.

  • Stroke Statistics update

    • 25 January 2022

    Annual update of stroke statistics. A full update including information on mortality, hospital activity and operations, incidence, and prescribing.

  • Heart Disease Statistics

    • 25 January 2022

    Annual update of heart disease statistics. A full update including mortality, hospital activity and operations, incidence and prescribing.

  • COVID-19 Early Years Resilience and Impact Survey (CEYRIS)

    • 25 January 2022

    These 4 reports give the results from Round 3 of the CEYRIS Study. They show the parental responses around child well-being, child behaviour, family situation and support needs. They contain 288 charts with text. They will be followed with a series of briefings interpreting these results at a later date.

  • COVID-19 Statistical Report

    • 26 January 2022

    This report provides a range of analyses relating to COVID-19 with a specific focus on patterns associated with the age, sex and deprivation of people affected by the virus. Please note: this will be released at 12:00.

  • Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19 in Scotland Population-based seroprevalence surveillance

    • 26 January 2022

    This report provides estimates for COVID-19 seroprevalence in the community

  • Hospital onset COVID-19 cases in Scotland

    • 26 January 2022

    This release provides data on hospital onset COVID-19 infections in Scotland. A system for monitoring COVID-19 is critical to tracking hospital transmission. This will inform control measures.

  • Weekly national seasonal respiratory report

    • 27 January 2022

    This release is a weekly report on epidemiological information on influenza infection (and that of other respiratory pathogens) along with other associated indicators of respiratory activity in Scotland. Data on flu vaccine uptake will be included in the report from October 2021 along with additional information on seasonality and some datasets split by health and age group will also be included.