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  • National Drug and Alcohol Treatment Waiting Times

    • 28 June 2022

    Information on the number of clients seen and the length of time they waited, and the progress towards the Scottish Government HEAT standard, quarter ending March 2022. Data presented by Health Board and Alcohol and Drug Partnership (ADP). Includes information on number of clients seen in prison and length of time they waited.

  • Scottish Stroke Care Audit

    • 28 June 2022

    Annual report from the Scottish Stroke Care Audit (SSCA) looking at performance against Scottish Stroke Care Standards in all hospitals across Scotland dealing with patients who have had a stroke. The publication will report on data from 2021.

  • Cancer Waiting Times

    • 28 June 2022

    Quarterly Cancer Waiting Times statistics for the 62-day standard: patients urgently referred with a suspicion of cancer to first cancer treatment; and for the 31-day standard: all patients regardless of the route of referral from date of decision to treat to first cancer treatment by NHS Board, Cancer Network and Cancer Type.

  • Childhood Immunisation Statistics Scotland

    • 28 June 2022

    Childhood immunisation uptake rates by 12 and 24 months of age, and 5 and 6 years of age, for the quarter ending and Financial year ending March 2022.

  • Delayed Discharges in NHSScotland

    • 28 June 2022

    Annual summary of delayed discharge information to 2021/22 by NHS Board of treatment and local authority of residence.

  • ScotPHO website quarterly updates

    • 28 June 2022

    The ScotPHO website is partially updated each quarter with different topics updated in different quarters.

  • NHS Performs - Weekly Update of Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Time Statistics

    • 28 June 2022

    This release of NHS Performs includes official statistics collected by PHS on attendances at Emergency Departments (EDs) across Scotland. The information presented in this release includes the number of attendances and 4, 8 and 12 hour waits at EDs.

  • General Practice - Disease Prevalence Visualisation

    • 28 June 2022

    This release from PHS focus on the Disease Prevalence statistics from Primary Care, SPIRE data. This is the first time these figures have been published using the SPIRE data source and as such is an Experimental release as covered bythe stats code of practice.

  • Residential Rehabilitation: Interim Monitoring Report on Residential Rehabilitation Funded Placements

    • 28 June 2022

    Residential rehabilitation is a well-established intervention for the treatment of drug and alcohol problems and is recognised as an important option for some people requiring treatment. As part of the National Mission, the Scottish Government has committed to invest �100M for residential rehabilitation over the next five years. In this current financial year, and for the next five years, the Alcohol and Drugs Partnerships have been allocated �13. 5M, with �5M earmarked to support additional capacity and access Residential Rehabilitation services. This is the second monitoring report of Residential Rehabilitation services within the Monitoring and Evaluation Programme. The report presents information on the number of Alcohol and Drug Partnership approved funded placements, with projected cost, between 1st April 2021 and 31st December 2021. Information is provided at a Scotland level, NHS Board and Alcohol and Drug Partnership.

  • Enhanced Surveillance of COVID-19 in Scotland Population-based seroprevalence surveillance

    • 29 June 2022

    This report provides estimates for COVID-19 seroprevalence in the community. Please note: this will be released at 12:00.