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  • Prescribing Statistics - Monthly Prescribing Activity Data

    • May 2022

    The data extract is presented as downloadable text (. csv) file and covers practice level prescribing for the month of June 2020. A dashboard will also be available to enable preview the data without downloading the large file. The data extract will also feed into existing dashboards which present historical data already published elsewhere on the ISD website (in the August 2020 Summary stats dashboard).

  • Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios

    • May 2022

    These statistics are updated on a quarterly basis and reflect the HSMR for the latest 12 month reporting period when drawing comparisons against the Scottish average, whilst crude mortality data is presented by quarter to show trends.

  • IVF Waiting Times

    • May 2022

    Waiting times for IVF in Scotland. Eligible patients will commence IVF treatment within 12 months by 31 March 2015. This publication shows progress against that standard.

  • Delayed Discharges in NHSScotland

    • May 2022

    Annual summary of delayed discharge bed days and census information to 2021/22, by NHS Board of treatment and local authority of residence.

  • Cancelled Planned Operations

    • May 2022

    Statistics on NHS Board/Hospital cancellations of operations for patients who have been booked for an elective scheduled theatre operation.

  • Acute Hospital Activity and NHS Beds Information

    • May 2022

    Provides a range of statistics relating to acute hospital activity and bed availability.

  • Head & Neck Cancer Quality Performance Indicators

    • May 2022

    National reporting of Head & Neck Cancer Quality Performance Indicators

  • Cancer Incidence in Scotland

    • May 2022

    Annual update of cancer registration information. Information will be added for patients diagnosed in 2020 for approximately 50 cancer sites.

  • Abortions Statistics

    • May 2022

    Annual - derived from statutory notification.

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) Waiting Times

    • June 2022

    Waiting times for Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) across Scotland. Progress to the standard of 18 weeks referral to treatment is reported on. This publication will contain extra analysis from Child, Adolescent and Psychological Therapies National Dataset (CAPTND). This is experimental analysis, using patient level information, will be in the appendix and cannot be compared to the official data contained in the report.