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  • Hospital onset COVID-19 cases in Scotland

    • 02 February 2022

    This release provides data on hospital onset COVID-19 infections in Scotland. A system for monitoring COVID-19 is critical to tracking hospital transmission. This will inform control measures.

  • Scottish Intensive Care Society Audit Group Report on COVID-19

    • 02 February 2022

    This report describes the admission frequency, demographics, activity and outcomes for patients with COVID-19 disease admitted to Scottish intensive care units. Please note: this will be released at 12:00.

  • Weekly national seasonal respiratory report

    • 03 February 2022

    This release is a weekly report on epidemiological information on influenza infection (and that of other respiratory pathogens) along with other associated indicators of respiratory activity in Scotland. Data on flu vaccine uptake will be included in the report from October 2021 along with additional information on seasonality and some datasets split by health and age group will also be included.

  • Gastro-intestinal and Foodborne Infections: Laboratory Reports of Norovirus in Scotland

    • 03 February 2022

    Laboratory Reports of Norovirus in Scotland

  • PHS COVID-19 Education Surveillance reporting dashboard

    • 04 February 2022

    PHS COVID-19 Education Surveillance reporting dashboard including topics such as cases & testing, hospital admissions and contact tracing for individuals of school age.

  • Prescribing Statistics - Monthly Prescribing Activity Data

    • 08 February 2022

    The data extract is presented as downloadable text (. csv) file and covers practice level prescribing for the month of June 2020. A dashboard will also be available to enable preview the data without downloading the large file. The data extract will also feed into existing dashboards which present historical data already published elsewhere on the ISD website (in the August 2020 Summary stats dashboard).

  • Scottish Bowel Screening Programme Statistics

    • 08 February 2022

    Bowel screening key performance indicators for Scotland and NHS Boards. Includes uptake, laboratory and clinical outcomes of screened individuals. November 2019-October 2021.

  • Out of Hours Primary Care Services in Scotland

    • 08 February 2022

    Ninth publication of statistics on Primary Care Out of Hours Activity, including Health Board breakdowns. This publication will include Out of Hours Primary Care data for 2014/15, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20, 2020/21, 2021/22 (up to mid Jan 2022). Data will be presented alongside A&E data as well as data on COVID Hub and assessment data.

  • NHS Performs - Weekly Update of Emergency Department Activity and Waiting Time Statistics

    • 08 February 2022

    This release of NHS Performs includes official statistics collected by PHS on attendances at Emergency Departments (EDs) across Scotland. The information presented in this release includes the number of attendances and 4, 8 and 12 hour waits at EDs.

  • Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios

    • 08 February 2022

    These statistics are updated on a quarterly basis and reflect the HSMR for the latest 12 month reporting period when drawing comparisons against the Scottish average, whilst crude mortality data is presented by quarter to show trends.