Report and findings from round 1

The first round of the COVID-19 Early Years Resilience and Impact Survey ran in June/July 2020 to find out how young children in Scotland had experienced, and been impacted by, the COVID-19 pandemic.

We have published a series of reports presenting the findings from the first round of CEYRIS:

  • Background Report – national COVID-19 context, survey methodology, representativeness of the data, demographics of the participants
  • Report 1 – Key behaviours in children in Scotland during COVID-19
  • Report 2 – Children’s play and learning, use of outdoor spaces and social interactions during COVID-19 in Scotland
  • Report 3 – The experience of parents and carers during COVID-19 in Scotland
  • Report 4 – Full findings from the first round of CEYRIS. In-depth analysis showing the impact of COVID-19 by income group, single-adult households, larger families and families living with long-term physical and mental health conditions
  • Briefing paper – a short summary of the main findings shown in Report 4 from the first round of CEYRIS

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Last updated: 28 May 2024